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SoftSeal N-95 Respirator Face Masks, 10-Pack

If your face mask doesn't seal to your face and remain sealed while you talk and work, then the mask has failed, and is allowing particles into your breathing zone. That's why SoftSeal N95 masks feature a medical-grade 360Adeg silicone seal that conforms to your face to protect against these leaks, even through the speech and facial movements of jobsite conditions.

The softness of the seal also provides for added comfort during extended use. The mask is constructed with several layers to provide maximum protection.

The front layer is resistant to flame and fluid penetration, making it suitable for welders. A plastic internal skeleton helps prevent mask collapse, followed by a coarse particulate filter and a fine particulate N95 filter.

The perimeter of these layers is then surrounded by the silicone seal and topped off with the 4-point headstrap with adjustable tensioning for a secure, non-slip fit.Features: Meets all the filtering and breathing resistance requirements for N95 certification from NIOSHThin, feathered silicone edge tightens to your face as you inhaleAdjustable nose clip can be shaped to your nose and is molded in so it won't peel off4-point headstrap with adjustable tensioning above and below the ears provides sealing pressure in two directionsHead straps are molded into the silicone face seal, rather than stapled, to help prevent leakageAll materials meet ISO 10993-1 requirements for biocompatibility and contain no natural rubber latexSuitable Applications: Ideal for all applications requiring N95 certificationWoodworking, general construction, drywall, mold remediation, fiberglassDusts, pollens, smoke, ash, soot, garden clippings and fine particle air pollution (PM2.

5)Viruses such as H1N1 and swine flu, and all bacteria, including tuberculosis


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