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Table Saw Blade Guide Holder
Pricing Subject to Change. Table Saw Blade Guide Holder
Table Saw Motor Housing
This motor housing (part number 089037007051) is for table saws.Motor housing 089037007051 houses the motor windings and motor armature.Unplug the table saw before starting the repair. Wear work glove...
Table Saw Helix Gear
This helix gear (part number 0131011001) is for table saws.Helix gear 0131011001 meshes with and turns the arbor shaft.Unplug the table saw before installing this part.
Table Saw Anti-Kickback Pawl Assembly
This anti-kickback pawl assembly (part number 089110113180) is for table saws.Anti-kickback pawl assembly 089110113180 protects the operator by helping prevent kickback as the blade passes through the...
Table Saw Motor Brush
This motor brush (part number 0502025007) is for table saws.Motor brush 0502025007 transfers electric current to the spinning armature in the motor.Unplug the table saw before starting the repair. Wea...
Pole Saw Pole Assembly
This pole assembly (part number 631-04383) is for pole saws.Pole assembly 631-04383 connects the blade bar to the handle and controls, and extends the reach of the blade bar. The assembly may include ...
Circular Saw Motor
This motor (part number 2303336) is for circular saws.Motor 2303336 drives the blade.Unplug the circular saw or remove the battery pack before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your ha...
Table Saw Blade Guard Assembly
This blade guard assembly (part number 089037007700) is for table saws.Blade guard assembly 089037007700 covers the top of the blade as it moves through the table, protecting against injury. The assem...
Miter Saw Laser Guide Assembly
This laser guide assembly (part number 301014002) is for miter saws.Laser guide assembly 301014002 projects a beam of light onto the work piece to indicate the path of the cut. The assembly may includ...
Radial Arm Saw Trigger Switch
This trigger switch (part number 971665-001) is for radial arm saws.Trigger switch 971665-001 is located in the carriage handle, and starts the control cut motor when you press the trigger.Unplug the ...